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Do I need a details?


You may find yourself asking, what’s ceramic detail spray? Why would I need a clay bar? What does that even do? How does this benefit my vehicle by getting this done? Well here are some answers for you.

A clay bar treatment meant is a wash where I use a product that pulls contaminants like water spots, brake dust, metal dust, industrial pollution and road grit from your clear coat. So this process removes things a normal wash wouldn’t that could cause scratching and oxidization in the future.


Trim Restore is the restoration and protection of the plastic pieces of your exterior. Bumpers and typically the running boards that pop out of trucks. It may look dried out. A good trim restore application will restore that deep black shine and get rid of that faded look.


A spray wax that I provide at the end of every detail is a great way to quickly bring out your vehicle's true shining potential between heavy wax jobs. Typically lasts about a month!


A paste wax creates a better layer of protection for your vehicle which can be extremely useful during those harsh winter OR summer months. It almost goes hand in hand with a clay bar treatment which should be possibly performed beforehand.


A ceramic detail spray is a spray that is filled with ceramic based protectants that are extremely resistant to water, soaps, and of course environmental pollutants. Typically lasts about 3-4 times as long as a spray wax and twice as long as a paste wax. If you already have a long lasting ceramic coating this will rehydrate it and ensure it’s durability as you continue to receive maintenance details on the coating.


A paint correction is a process in which scratches, swirls and oxidization may be removed from your paint. Bringing over all clarity back to your paint. Bringing back that glossy look everyone loves. This process is done with a machine polisher and can be typically a 1-3 step job depending on the quality of the paint. Also a job that requires an environment where you are not in the direct sunlight.


A ceramic coating is a coating that is applied to many different places in your vehicle. Just like the detail spray it is filled with ceramic based protectants are extremely resistant to water, water spots, light scratches, soaps, and of course environmental pollutants. There are many different variations of coatings that provide many different years of protection depending on what you’re looking for typically 1-8 is what typically people go for. It essentially adds a coating to the top of your clear coat that would act as a sacrificial coating in any situation your clear coat may be compromised. Some are for wraps, some are for wheels, some are for interiors, plastics. Most of the time the application is done by hand and panel by panel in a environment that isn’t in direct sunlight. This is the best applicable protection for your entire vehicle.


Headlight restoration, a little bit more of of a self explanatory service. Depending on how far gone your headlight is. It will be wet sanded and then polished or just polished restoring the clarity and shine or the actual headlight. If you have dull headlights turning on the brights may burn the headlight from the inside out causing irreparable damage.


Seats, mats, and floor board shampooing! Typically the most ordered service of them all. This service is provided by a extractor with a drill brush attachment! Spraying interior shampoo, scrubbing with the brush, and extracting right away to ensure all your stains are removed and your vehicle is not soaked for a tremendous amount of time. You can literally be shown all the dirt that is removed when you get a shampooing done! Would recommend it every other or every 3rd wash!

Sealants are like the in between a Paste Wax or Ceramic Detail Spray and a Ceramic coating. As in the duration is about 6 months to a year if maintained correctly. Sealant is a wax like product that serves to protect the exterior and paint of a vehicle from the harsh effects of environmental elements like UV Rays, excessive heat, and acid rain. They also provide a nice glossy finish to the car as well. Typically applied like a paste wax. Just spends a little more time curing to the vehicle so it’s recommended this service is not done in the sun.


Iron Decontamination that’s included in the Executive package is a spray that ensures that there are no more hidden contaminants stuck to the paint, rims or wheels of your vehicle during the wash process. Sometimes there’s stuff that’s been on your rims for longer than even you can remember. This is the stuff for those situations and provides unbelievable results.

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