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Car Cleaning Service

What chemicals do you use?

Car Wash

Interior - I use a odorless, colorless, residue-less interior spray called Non-Sense by Chemical Guys

Exterior - I use the Honeydew Soap by Chemical Guys as well as Diablo wheel gel for rims and tires. Super diluted degreaser for the rims if needed. Maybe some bug and tar spray by Chemical Guys. After the 2nd rinse process I use a Meguiars Spray Wax on every vehicle. VRP on your tires which is a water based dressing that may also be applied to your trim.

Paste Wax - 3D Cherry Wax

Window Cleaner - Diluted Streak Free by Chemical Guys

Ceramic coatings - These I typically like to give my customers options based on the 3-4 I know for a fact work and their preferences as well as what they’re vehicle may benefit more from as each one is different.

Carpet Shampoo - Fabric Clean and Stain remover from Chemical Guys

Leather Care - Leather Cleaner by Chemical Guys and Leather Conditioner by Chemical Guys

DI, Spot Free Water.

Just to inform you of what’s being used in and on your vehicle. All car cars products made for vehicles and to ensure the safety and quality of it as well!

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